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How To Help

Board Members

Angela Boyles, President

Michelle Zevola, Vice President

Emily Harris, Secretary

Be a Monthly Sponsor

We rely 100% on donations from people like you. We are volunteer based so every cent goes to help care for the animal.

  • $10 covers the fee to pull an animal from a high kill shelter.

  • $50 will pay for flea control for up to 120 kittens and help prevent worms and anemia both of which can be deadly. 

  • $75 can help a sick kitten get needed treatment and medicine from a veterinarian.

  • $100 can buy milk replacement formula for a litter of orphaned babies until they are able to eat solid food. 


Regardless of the amount, the money you donate is making a permanent difference in the life of a cat. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Don't forget to see if your company matches monetary donations or gives money for volunteer hours! 

Become a Foster.jpg

Be a Foster

We do not have a physical facility to house animals, therefore, we need wonderful and loving fosters willing to take in these homeless cats temporarily until a permanent home can be found. To become a foster, please fill out the application on our website. Fostering saves lives!

Simba and Nala,  rescued from the Anson County shelter in August 2017

Be a Bottle Feeder (Triage or Ongoing) 

The scariest thing for us is the call about a newborn kitten at risk. Whether they are dumped or mom was killed or they were kittennapped, it strikes fear. If you are interested in bottle feeding or being a triage station for bottle baby emergencies until permanent arrangements can be made, please fill out our foster application and indicate which you can help with. 

Bottle Baby.png

Jamie,  smallest rescue every,  he was 2.25 oz and died despite our best efforts, RIP


Be a Transporter

Whether it's transporting kittens to the vet, or picking up from a shelter or intervening for an emergency, we need transporters! If you can transport, please send us an email with TRANSPORT HELP in subject line. 

That day our director, Angela, went to the shelter and left with every single cat there

Share Your Special Skills

We believe that everyone that wants to can find a way to contribute. Whether it's making a bed for a cat that has spent its life sleeping on the hard ground, taking photographs of available cats and kittens, helping with website maintenance or making items for our annual auction, if you have a talent, we want to find a way to help you use it!

Penelope 1.png

Penelope, rescued from Chesterfield County shelter in October 2019

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