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Meet the Team

Angela Boyles - Director, Heart of a Lion Rescue

Angela Boyles, Founder

Angela Boyles founded Heart of a Lion Rescue after many nights spent sneaking out to rescue stray kittens as her husband slept. Angela is responsible for recruiting fosters and matching adopters with each animal in our care. She also manages the administrative side of the rescue. She is married to Phillip and has two children, Katie and Zach. She also has one dog, Izabel, and seven(ish) cats (depending on the day). 

Casey Maynor, Executive Director

Casey is the executive director of Heart of a Lion Rescue. She manages community programs, including dry food distribution to low-income neighbors and shelters and locating barn homes for feral and hard-to-place cats. Casey is also our liaison at the Chesterfield shelter, taking in cats and kittens that have medical needs and/or are at risk of euthanasia. She then acts as a foster for these ill and injured cats and kittens, caring for them until they are healthy enough to go to a Phase II foster, who will care for them until they find their forever homes. Casey lives with her fiancé Brad, her son Mason, and more cats and dogs than we can list. You can occasionally find Casey chasing pigs, herding goats, or even giving CPR to orphaned squirrels.

Meet the Team
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